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US Mint: Record sales for gold, silver bullion

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

"WASHINGTON (Commodity Online) Gold and silver bullion sales at the United States Mint have reached record levels in May 2010. With about a week left to go, more than 200,000 ounces of gold and more than 3 million ounces of silver have already been sold to the Mint`s authorized purchaser network, Coinupdate.com reported.

Authorized purchasers are able to buy bullion coins directly from the United States Mint. They subsequently resell the coins to other coin dealers, bullion dealers, or the public, and facilitate a two-way market for the coins.
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Chinese Battery Co, to Send Silver up 550% ?

Sunday, July 11, 2010

 A Tiny %2410 Chinese Battery
This is an article from an Investor newsletter with some amazing insights as to why Silver is the buy of the Century.,

He's known as the "Bootstrap Genius." And his story is nothing short of sensational. By the age of six, he had been orphaned by his father, a peasant carpenter in rural China. No one could've known it at the time... but this boy would one day revolutionize the world.

Ten years ago, inside a poorly-funded laboratory in a backwater Chinese outpost, he single-handedly invented a new kind of battery. It was the lightest, most powerful battery on the planet. And it simply blew away any other power source of its kind.

(If you had a cell phone or laptop in the 90s, you'll recall the short life, constant charging, and the heavy weight the device's battery required.) This man's innovation in lithium-ion batteries is what now enables those devices to last days on a single charge. And it was that single innovation that would transform him into the richest man in China...  But it's this inventor's latest genius stroke — which I'll explain in full below — that could easily return you...

More than $27,000 on a $500 Investment...
or $270,000 on a $5,000 Investment...
It sounds a bit unrealistic, I know.I thought so, too... until I discovered this:

One savvy investor put up $230 million in this genius's company last September and has already turned a billion dollar profit... in less than a year... 

Of course, this kind of wealth and growth doesn't come easily. Inventions just don't appear out of thin air. As Thomas Edison said, "Inventions are 99% perspiration and 1% inspiration." But I'm not talking about an ordinary invention... or an ordinary inventor. At the age of 29 — fed up with party bureaucrats, red tape, and poor funding — this man borrowed $300,000 and founded a small company to exploit the unique benefits of his battery technology."One of the Worlds 50 Most Innovative Companies"
- Fast Company Magazine
Success came quickly. As I mentioned, his technology suddenly found itself in 50% of the world's cell phones!
That's when this genius inventor came up with an even bigger idea... the "Locked-down Lithium Strategy" to capitalize on the future of transportation.

You see, the secret to making billions from the electric car industry isn't in the car itself...
It's in the battery. So he's gone from building the world's most successful battery company... and formed what will be the world's most successful car company... In fact, his company has gone on record saying they will be bigger than Toyota by 2025!

The World's Fastest Growing Car Market Will Consume More Silver Than ever Before in the History of the World...


$100 then $1,000 / ounce Silver ?

Friday, July 9, 2010

Wow i just spent about a week researching Silver through Google.

People really need to pay attention to whats is not going on with Silver.  Forget HYIP's, AutoSurf's, FX, an MLM that is not a precious metals program.

The evidence is so overwhelming that if you don't start acquiring silver today nothing you do in the future can ever make up for the opportunity your about to miss.

SilverSnowBall is just one thing you can do. But you need to start now..

Do you remember when Gold was around $270 an ounce?

Did you buy then ? Why Not ?

because now is too darn expensive now at well over $1000 ?

2009 $972.35 ?
2008 $871.96
2007 $695.39
2006 $603.46
2005 $444.74 ?
2004 $409.72
2003 $363.38
2002 $309.73
2001 $271.04
2000 $279.11 ?

You Have a BIG Opportunity with Silver Bigger than Gold...


First things first, silver isn't more rare than gold when we account for jewelry and
silverware supplies, but if we look only at the amount of identifiable silver bullion then silver is indeed more rare than gold.

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Panda 1 Kilo Silver Coins

At long last - the wait is over!! The People's Bank of China has just released the 2009 Panda Silver Brilliant Uncirculated legal tender coins. Every year excitement and buzz builds surrounding the design of the new Panda coin, and this year has been no exception. The beautiful designs of the 2009 Panda Silver coins have made the wait worthwhile. These coins are 99.9% pure silver - and are now available to collectors who are assembling date sets, and to silver bullion buyers who expect a continuation of the current desire for silver in the market.

The 2009 Panda coins keep the traditional obverse design that has been the hallmark of this great series, featuring the Temple of Heaven in Beijing, the title of the People's Republic of China, and the year of issuance. The reverse design features 2 baby pandas, sitting and eating in a field of bamboo. The face value of 10 Yuan & purity level of 99.9% are also prominently displayed on the bottom of the reverse.

The 1-ounce Silver Pandas from 2009 are issued with a maximum authorized mintage of 600,000. Click here to view & buy these coins for only $27!!


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