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US Mint: Record sales for gold, silver bullion

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

"WASHINGTON (Commodity Online) Gold and silver bullion sales at the United States Mint have reached record levels in May 2010. With about a week left to go, more than 200,000 ounces of gold and more than 3 million ounces of silver have already been sold to the Mint`s authorized purchaser network, Coinupdate.com reported.

Authorized purchasers are able to buy bullion coins directly from the United States Mint. They subsequently resell the coins to other coin dealers, bullion dealers, or the public, and facilitate a two-way market for the coins.
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The pace of silver bullion coin sales has also picked up this month, although sales have been strong all year. For the month to date, the Mint has sold 3,040,500 of the one ounce American Silver Eagles. This marks the third time during 2010 that monthly silver bullion sales have exceeded 3 million ounces. In January when the first 2010-dated Silver Eagles were offered, total monthly sales reached 3,592,500. In March, 3,381,000 ounces of silver were sold.

The record for highest monthly Silver Eagle bullion coin sales took place back in December 1986 when 3,696,000 ounces were sold. This was the first full month that the silver bullion coins were available for sale."* * *

Although I`ve still been able to obtain Silver Eagles there is never any warning, other than information like the news above, that another shortage is going to hit. I continue to believe more than ever that we are in the right business for these times. We are offering a product where demand is clearly growing. We offer a product people can`t get enough of. And the Silver Snowball business continues to grow.

How do strong Silver Eagle sales benefit you?
If you join Silver Snowball besides having a simple way to automatically receive a coin, or a few coins a month, you also get a silver business which includes a complete marketing website and the opportunity to earn bonus silver. For each coin you sell you earn 1/2 a coin. It`s that simple to understand. Why let coin dealers have all the fun when you can also benefit from the growing trend toward silver? And that trend is worldwide.

Because no one knows exactly when the next major advice will begin, or if it`s already started, I think it`s  prudent to continue to accumulate Silver Eagles which are the world`s most popular, most recognized, most easily "exchanged" form of 1 ounce of fine silver.
* * *
Join a fast growing reliable international Silver Eagle business. Now is the time!

P.S. Get all the Silver Eagles you can for as long as you can while they are still available and affordable. Silver owners could be the wealthiest members of society when this meltdown continues. "Wealth is not destroyed it is merely transferred." Which side of the transfer do YOU want to be on?


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