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Chinese Battery Co, to Send Silver up 550% ?

Sunday, July 11, 2010

 A Tiny %2410 Chinese Battery
This is an article from an Investor newsletter with some amazing insights as to why Silver is the buy of the Century.,

He's known as the "Bootstrap Genius." And his story is nothing short of sensational. By the age of six, he had been orphaned by his father, a peasant carpenter in rural China. No one could've known it at the time... but this boy would one day revolutionize the world.

Ten years ago, inside a poorly-funded laboratory in a backwater Chinese outpost, he single-handedly invented a new kind of battery. It was the lightest, most powerful battery on the planet. And it simply blew away any other power source of its kind.

(If you had a cell phone or laptop in the 90s, you'll recall the short life, constant charging, and the heavy weight the device's battery required.) This man's innovation in lithium-ion batteries is what now enables those devices to last days on a single charge. And it was that single innovation that would transform him into the richest man in China...  But it's this inventor's latest genius stroke — which I'll explain in full below — that could easily return you...

More than $27,000 on a $500 Investment...
or $270,000 on a $5,000 Investment...
It sounds a bit unrealistic, I know.I thought so, too... until I discovered this:

One savvy investor put up $230 million in this genius's company last September and has already turned a billion dollar profit... in less than a year... 

Of course, this kind of wealth and growth doesn't come easily. Inventions just don't appear out of thin air. As Thomas Edison said, "Inventions are 99% perspiration and 1% inspiration." But I'm not talking about an ordinary invention... or an ordinary inventor. At the age of 29 — fed up with party bureaucrats, red tape, and poor funding — this man borrowed $300,000 and founded a small company to exploit the unique benefits of his battery technology."One of the Worlds 50 Most Innovative Companies"
- Fast Company Magazine
Success came quickly. As I mentioned, his technology suddenly found itself in 50% of the world's cell phones!
That's when this genius inventor came up with an even bigger idea... the "Locked-down Lithium Strategy" to capitalize on the future of transportation.

You see, the secret to making billions from the electric car industry isn't in the car itself...
It's in the battery. So he's gone from building the world's most successful battery company... and formed what will be the world's most successful car company... In fact, his company has gone on record saying they will be bigger than Toyota by 2025!

The World's Fastest Growing Car Market Will Consume More Silver Than ever Before in the History of the World...

Imagine investing in Ford, before the Model T... Volkswagen, before the Bug... or Toyota, before the Camry... Then multiply it by a factor of 10... that's what's going on in China right now.

"Chinese vehicle sales will continue to expand at a very brisk pace. . . "
— CEO General Motors, Fritz Henderson
According to Bloomberg, auto sales in China jumped 84% — to more than a million — just in the month of September. The Chinese government cut taxes in the spring and vehicle sales have climbed 35% for six straight months, including a 90% jump in August alone.
According to numbers in the Wall Street Journal, China's auto dealers are selling one million cars monthly. And the Chinese auto industry's combined net profit in the January-August period rose 17.6% from just a year earlier... to $18 billion, for a net profit of $2,560 per car.

Furthermore, overall auto sales will exceed the 10 million mark by mid-October, and auto sales for the whole year may exceed 12 million units. In the next two years, a conservative estimate of more than 24 million cars will be sold in China... generating profits in excess of $61 BILLION. And that's just the beginning. Take a look:
In fact, it's predicted that the Chinese car market, with more than 800 million people entering the middle class, will be the largest market in the world. . .
Not only is the Chinese auto market expected to be the world's largest market, but the Chinese government needs those cars to be clean, due to the country's heavy air pollution. That's why an easy opportunity has presented itself... for investors to ride the next wave of creative destruction to more than 5,000% gains.
I'll fill you in on this "Locked-down Lithium Strategy" in a moment, but first it's important you know how our bootstrap inventor pulled it off...

When You Want a Hot Car... Call the Italians
In 2003, after seeing the smog and pollution over Beijing, and the increasing price of gasoline...
Our peasant-turned-billionaire inventor put the pieces together. He called up several Italian car designers and built an assembly plant to upscale his battery for cars. In true Chinese fashion, he borrowed what he could, procured the rest, and added a little pricing magic.

Before you knew it, he was producing green battery- and gas-powered hybrid cars for the Chinese market.
And he was doing it at half the price of a Toyota Prius and 1/4 the price of a Chevy Volt. In September 2008, the ramp-up was ready to begin. But as luck would have it, the global economy hit the worst recession in 80 years. The company's stock would plummet to $2.50.
"The size and scale of what [this company] has already achieved is breathtaking, but that is nothing compared to its ambition. This company has already made public its aim to be the number one car firm in China by the year 2015, and then — deep breath — number one in the whole world in 2025."
- The BBC
Start-up investors got hit hard and the company found itself scrambling for cash.
That's when the world's most famous investor, Warren Buffett, stepped up and bought 10% of the company, shelling out $230 million.
Buffett's financing funded it through the rough times. And his insight has made him an easy billion dollars in just eight months.
But he's not selling. That's because the second ramp-up is just getting started...
And — fortunately — my colleague is prepared to help you make your own fortune from it...
Meet Renewable Energy Analyst Nick Hodge
Nick is the founder, lead analyst, and managing editor of the Alternative Energy Speculator.
The last time he bought this stock, he made readers like you more than 435%... in eight months. And, like Buffett, he says this next run will be even better... And he should know. Over the past year — if you'd followed his research — you could've turned a paltry $500 investment into $27,395.30 in cash.
What's more, while most investors got blindsided last year and the world shuddered in the cold grasp of the Great Recession, Nick nailed a stunning series of double- and triple-digit winners for his readers.
His gains include:
  • A solar stock he closed for 110.64% gains.
  • A battery stock in which he sold half for 309% profits (the other half is still sitting on 435% gains).
  • A geothermal stock that's already up 82%, and climbing toward a certain double.
In all, Alternative Energy Speculator readers realized 51 winning positions in 2009... in the teeth of the biggest recession in 80 years!
"Founder of Electric, and Electric Hybrid Vehicles Is Named China's Richest Man with an Estimated Fortune of $5.1 Billion." — Hunan China "Rich List"
That's about one winner per week. . . and the Speculator will likely close more than 60 winners this year!
In fact, if you would have invested just $500 — about the same as a car payment — in the first four winners of 2009... you could have pulled all of your original money out after one month.
That's right: you take all your principle out after a month.
And if you'd have invested $500 in every subsequent stock... you would have $27,305.30 after eight months.
And that's not reinvesting profits, or doubling down, or counting the original $500.
$27,305.30 in pure cash — a gain of 5,379%.
Here's the proof:
  • Solarfun Power sold for 110.64% gains in five months.
  • Flowerserve Corp. sold for 12.88% gains in three days.
  • Johnson Controls sold for 11.12% in a month.
  • JA Solar sold for 30.45% and 43.91% in weeks.
  • SunPower Corp. sold for 47.54% in five weeks.
  • ReneSola Ltd. sold from 24.65% in five days.
  • American Superconductor scored 27.12% profits in three months.
  • Ormat Technologies banked 36.65% in two and a half months.
  • A-Power Energy Generation could have made you profits of 40.53% in three weeks.
Introducing the "R-Track" System:
It'll Close More than 60 Winners this Year
All told, Nick's unique "R Track" system produced 51 winners in 2009.
His readers have had the opportunity to enjoy an average gain of 32% A MONTH over the last year!
Nick has been able to pull off these stunning gains because he focuses on just one thing: the best-performing market sector in the world — Green Stocks, the cutting edge of energy technology.
And the thing about Nick is that he thinks you can save the earth AND make a ton of cash in the process.
For example:
  • Vestas Wind Systems went from $62 to $700 — that's a 1,029% profit.
  • Echelon Corporation of San Jose California, a green electric company, went from $4.94 to $32.75 in six months — that's a 547% gain.
  • Nevada Geothermal, another green electric company out of Vancouver, BC, went from $0.23 to $1.55 in 10 months — that's 573% gain.
  • Sunways, a solar company, blew the rest out of the water with a 1,200% gain.
And to tell you the truth, I have to hand it to him. He's right. You can make mind-blowing gains from green stocks. With oil heading back towards $100, and progressive energy legislation heading out of Washington... now is the perfect time to get in.
Famed investor Charlie Munger called him: "A combination of Thomas Edison and Jack Welch... I have never seen anything like it."
And his readers love it. Not only because their investments are green... but because they make green with these investments. They love him for making them money.
Here's what some of them are saying:
"Love your service. . . You have great picks! I have been option trading for over 6 years now and AES has literally transformed my lifestyle. I love it.
Love the smart grid plays... I never traded those before... I really appreciate your diverse selection of companies. I bought 20,000 shares of MXWL... Awesome Return!!
Thanks for that one!"Michael Ryan
"Hey Nick. I bought Renesola (SOL) in late March at $2.95, today it's trading at $6.35 (up 18% just today) so I've more than doubled my money. Thanks for the great pick!"Loren Paley
"Nick, you are awesome! I am a new subscriber, and have been doing very well with your recommendations, so far. I have been placing buy limit orders and have been getting in some of the stocks at lower prices, ERII just recently. I like your kinds of stocks, and your buying and selling style. I will highly recommend you to my friends. Thanks." Mark Kuklis
And how about this one?
"You can feel very good about your organization as you truly help people make money. I was an Oil Jobber/Texaco Distributor for 36 years and hated environmentalist/EPA and now I am a happy green energy investor." — Bryant Nix
When you can convert the roughnecks, you know you're doing a good job!
But forget about the past. I'm writing to you today to tell you about...
The Single Investment that Could Easily Gain 1,000%...
Over the Next 5 Years
It's a $10 electric car company, booming in the fastest growing car market in the world: CHINA!
This company is already cranking out the first mass-produced electric cars in China. It manufactures an electric/gasoline-powered hybrid similar to the Toyota Prius, which operates on braking power feeding the battery, and it can run on both gasoline and electric power.
Our Chinese company also has a car similar to the Chevy Volt that uses its engine to power the battery... and always runs on electric power.
There's also one with no engine to charge the battery. It's an all-electric version you charge at home.
In fact, one car goes all three ways! This best-seller will drive for 60 miles on the power provided by a 15.6-kilowatt-hour lithium-ion battery pack, and then go another 300 miles, powered by the 1.0-liter, three-cylinder gasoline engine.
Unlike every other hybrid on the market, this car has three separate modes of operation:
  • It can run on pure electric power...
  • It can operate as a series hybrid like the 2011 Volt, using the engine to recharge the battery...
  • And it can also act as a parallel hybrid like the 2010 Toyota Prius, with the gasoline engine driving the vehicle directly, aided by the electric motor.
Moreover, this company's products are one-quarter the cost of the Volt, and half the cost of the Prius.
I know, I know... they have the advantage. Only, you don't know the half of it...
China is a low-cost producer of everything. That much is true.
But get this: China owns 95% of the world's lithium mines... the chief ingredient of a lithium-ion battery. That's how...
China Literally Has the Lithium Market "Locked Down"
Due to a high export tariff, the cost to manufacture batteries is much cheaper than it is in other countries.
"Chinese electric car and battery maker nine-month car sales soared 50 percent over the previous year to almost 300,000 units" - China Securities Journal

Of course it's not fair for the boys in Tokyo and Detroit, with their glittering skyscrapers and six-figure union jobs. But that's just the way it is. And it's a hurdle you will have to overcome if you want to make real money. It's up to you.

But you better not take too long to decide... Already, our company has locked-in sales to Shenzhen's 8,000 buses, 2,500 minibuses, and 11,000 taxis in operation.
They have a factory with 130,000 workers making cars that will ramp up this fall. Our bootstrap innovator is eyeing the one billion people in the Indian market, and anticipating even more green buyers in Europe this year.

In the last quarter alone. . . the company increased net profit by 97% in the midst of the Great Recession.
But the number one advantage for this new car company is that it's not a car company.
Let's face it:  Car technology has been around for a hundred years. It's not rocket science. And, as you know, the Japanese started reverse engineering cars 50 years ago.
What is new, however, is the battery.

And this new car company is a subsidiary of the biggest, most advanced battery maker in the world...
"The rise of lithium will lead Chinese Technology and create a new balance of industrial power. The switch to electric and hybrid vehicles will be the main driver of growth, triggering a collapse of the old world, the adoption of new materials and the deterioration of Japan's position as the industry leader."
- Nick Hodge, Alternative Energy Speculator
And batteries, as you may know, are the single most expensive component of an electric car. What we see emerging is the greatest inventor in the last ten years...
Teamed up with the world's greatest investor... In possession of the world's most cutting-edge technology... Making new cars in China, the lowest cost-production center... In the fastest-growing market... Building what has every chance to be the world's best-selling car company.
Today, you can get a piece for only $10 a share!
And as you're watching this company become the next Chinese superstar, like Netease, the Chinese Internet innovator:
Or CNOOC, the Chinese oil titan that is buying up all the world's small oil companies:

Or Baidu, the Chinese Internet search giant:
Plus, the Hang Sang market alone is up 109% this year...
As you watch this particular electric car company take over the world, just like a host of other Chinese innovating companies, you could be making as much as 32% a month on Nick's other picks.
Winners like:
  • 47.54% gains on SunPower Corp.

  • 110.64% gains from Solarfun Power Holdings
  • 43.91% gains from JA Solar Holdings
  • 42.86% gains from GT Solar International
  • 61.74% gains from Maxwell Technologies
  • 40.53% gains from A-Power Energy Systems


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